Heir To All万物继承人

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1306 Chapters · 10 Readers
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Author:Du Zhe Zhu Ren

Novel Summary

Because his sister was remarried by the god of war, Chu Linguang was swept out of his girlfriend’s house, and countless people were waiting to see their Chu family jokes. At this time, Chu Linguang signed the Heir of Everything Agreement. Inherit a mansion! Inherit the top supercar! Inherit one of “The Shennong’s Treasure”! Inherit a pair of perspective eyes! Inherit one of the Xueba skills! Inherit the planet! …


TitleHeir To All
Raw Title万物继承人
Addition DateDecember 29, 2022
AuthorDu Zhe Zhu Ren
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TagsArrogant Characters,Business Management,Cheats,Male Protagonist,Poor to Rich,Sudden Wealth,Game Ranking System