I, Konoha’s Life Mentor我,木叶的人生导师

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652 Chapters · 16 Readers
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Author:Mai Shen Zang Jie Cao

Novel Summary

Jingyi traveled to Konoha and became a temporary teacher of the Ninja School, but fortunately awakened the mentor system. Reward for teaching others. As a result, Jingyi began his career as a "teacher" in the ninja world. Shisui: "Teacher's characteristic will of fire has made Uchiha really find his way!" Asma: "The true meaning of jade is to protect the people, the advanced to drive the backward, so that Konoha can be stronger!" Kakashi: " He was my life mentor, and he changed Konoha!" ... Years later, as Hokage's memoirs, Kyoichi wrote - I really just want to be a life mentor!


TitleI, Konoha’s Life Mentor
Raw Title我,木叶的人生导师
Addition DateMay 22, 2022
AuthorMai Shen Zang Jie Cao
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TagsAbandoned Children,Charming Protagonist,Child Abuse,Childcare,Clever Protagonist,Cultivation,Fast Cultivation,Male Protagonist,Master-Disciple Relationship,Righteous Protagonist,Student-Teacher Relationship,Teachers