I Try To Become An Immortal Through Mortal Science


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1681 Chapters · 29 Readers
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Author:Luo Qing Zi

Novel Summary

Luo Hong was standing in front of the mountain gate of Huangfeng Valley. At this moment, he had to admit the fact that he had traveled to “Mortal”. Pushing the glasses that no longer existed, Luo Hong said categorically, “Like Old Devil Han, I am a fourth-grade pseudo-spiritual root, but I don’t have a vial. It seems that the only way I can go is to cultivate immortals scientifically!” Why is there a bottleneck every fourth floor during the gas refining period? How to maximize the chance of building a foundation? How many factors affect the speed of cultivation? How fast is Old Devil Han running? When cultivating immortals in this world is an objective fact, then science is cultivating immortals, and cultivating immortals is science!


TitleI Try To Become An Immortal Through Mortal Science
Raw Title我在凡人科学修仙
Addition DateJanuary 2, 2023
AuthorLuo Qing Zi
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TagsFanfiction,Male Protagonist