I Got on a Ghost Ship By Mistake and Was Forced To Be the Captain误上幽灵船的我被迫当了船长

567 Chapters
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567 Chapters · 8 Readers
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Author:Peng Ke Mian Ju

Novel Summary

You were taken to another world by a ghost ship. You are uneasy. There are ravings in your ears, accompanied by weird bgm, you sing and dance rap in pain. You pick up a magic lamp, and after making a wish, it says it’s just a lamp. You are impoverished, and you swear by your personality that you made a deal with the devil, and in the end the devil was sold by you. You are walking on the road, and you meet a down-and-out princess who is begging for a child with a lot of money, and you yell “Mom~” in the street out of the principle of helping others In the middle of the night, you flipped through the pages of “Ten Thousand and One Nights” in your hand, and your excitement became stronger and stronger…


TitleI Got on a Ghost Ship By Mistake and Was Forced To Be the Captain
Raw Title误上幽灵船的我被迫当了船长
Addition DateJanuary 3, 2023
AuthorPeng Ke Mian Ju
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TagsGhosts,Male Protagonist