Deconstruction is Weird解构诡异

1045 Chapters
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1045 Chapters · 7 Readers
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Author:Lan Duo De Xiu Mou Ren

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In the process of crossing, it merged with the computer, and the computer has also evolved into a super-intelligent brain, which seems to be good But this is a weird world, ah hey! A walking supercomputer, powerful enough to use the butterfly effect to influence unrelated people Even reliable calculation predicts the future, does this count as knowing destiny? Use science to analyze the mystery, there is nothing in this world that cannot calculate the truth If there is, then there is not enough energy Yang qi is nothing but the energy released by cell metabolism.


TitleDeconstruction is Weird
Raw Title解构诡异
Addition DateMay 25, 2023
AuthorLan Duo De Xiu Mou Ren
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TagsArtificial Intelligence,Biochip,Calm Protagonist,Cheats,Demons,Detectives,Genetic Modifications,Ghosts,Gunfighters,Male Protagonist,Mystery Solving,Weak to Strong