Start a Base开局一座基地

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971 Chapters · 19 Readers
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Author:Ji Dan Chao Dao Xue

Novel Summary

Traveling to the end of the world, carrying a red police base vehicle that can summon millions of soldiers, can build aircraft cannons, build a technological empire, dominate the world, and unveil the mystery of the end times, only to discover that everything is just the beginning. Retreat again, no longer be afraid, the world has collapsed, and no matter how hard it is to return to the past, everything will come again…


TitleStart a Base
Raw Title开局一座基地
Addition DateJanuary 6, 2023
AuthorJi Dan Chao Dao Xue
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TagsApocalypse,Army Building,Farming,Game Elements,Game Ranking System,Gunfighters,Kingdom Building,Male Protagonist,Poisons,Transmigration,Zombies