Space Doctor: The National Hero is a Girl


1831 Chapters
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1831 Chapters · 6 Readers
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Author:Ni Hao Miao Xiao Jie

Novel Summary

“He” was originally a weak and pitiful “sissy”. Once reborn, he became an ancient martial arts genius with both medicine and poison. The national male god. Don’t touch anyone who belongs to her, and she will hold what is not her, and she will never be merciless when she abuses scum and face. He is a business genius who covers the sky with one hand in Huaguo. He has a dark belly and is decisive in killing. He is the only one who turns into a loyal dog in front of her. She kills, he sets fire. She poisoned, he silenced. One day, the pampered and lawless Lu Xingchen said in disgust, “Brother, they all say you are my dog.”


TitleSpace Doctor: The National Hero is a Girl
Raw Title空间神医:国民男神是女生
Addition DateJanuary 8, 2023
AuthorNi Hao Miao Xiao Jie
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TagsFemale Protagonist