The Skill of Dragon Breaking the Nine Heavens


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4868 Chapters · 10 Readers
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Author:Liu Feng

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Bai Yuzhe, who is unique in both medicine and poison, was hunted down for obtaining the ancient heaven-level kungfu skills. At the cost of his elder brother’s life, the lucky soul succeeded. He vowed that he would cultivate the unique skills and avenge him. ! The cultivation level that was stagnant in the previous life due to physique relations, now there is no more worry! He didn’t have many friends because of his arrogant and weird character in his previous life. Now he wants to cultivate eighteen blood guards and set off a blood wave! I was alone in my previous life, but now I’m here with you! The regrets of the last life will be made up for in this life!


TitleThe Skill of Dragon Breaking the Nine Heavens
Raw Title龙破九天诀
Addition DateJanuary 12, 2023
AuthorLiu Feng
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TagsMale Protagonist