Online Game: I Am the One网游之天下第一

289 Chapters
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289 Chapters · 5 Readers
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Author:Ha Ha Yi Zu

Novel Summary

After Liu Yun perishes with his enemy, he gets a second chance. He goes back ten years. On that day, his sister expelled him from the family, and his fiancee called off their wedding. It was also the third day after the game, Profound Realm, had released. Now Liu Yun gets to start over. Will he change his fate and prevent the death of his parents and sister?


TitleOnline Game: I Am the One
Raw Title网游之天下第一
Addition DateJanuary 13, 2023
AuthorHa Ha Yi Zu
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TagsGame Elements,Gamers,Hiding True Abilities,Hot-blooded Protagonist,Male Protagonist,Rape,Rape Victim Becomes Lover,Reincarnation,Reverse Rape,Second Chance,Virtual Reality