Starting With A Space Battleship


625 Chapters
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625 Chapters · 27 Readers
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Author:Chen Mo Bu Shi Di Diao

Novel Summary

Li Xiaonian was born again. Returning to the virtual online game “Star Wind” five years ago, this time, he found himself a little different. The skills acquired turned out to be memory instillation, and it only takes a moment to go from unfamiliar to proficient. Ding…… System: You learn basic shooting skills and gain 10 years of shooting experience. System: You learn mechanical transformation technology and gain 10 years of mechanical assembly experience. Playing virtual online games, Li Xiaonian seems to have become a super powerhouse in the real world.


TitleStarting With A Space Battleship
Raw Title开局一艘宇宙战舰
Addition DateNovember 13, 2022
AuthorChen Mo Bu Shi Di Diao
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TagsCheats,Cunning Protagonist,Fellatio,Firearms,Game Elements,Gunfighters,Male Protagonist,Poor to Rich,Reincarnation,Second Chance,Virtual Reality,Weak to Strong