Farming Happiness: Husband, Come and Plough the Fields


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1069 Chapters · 33 Readers
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Author:Si Ye Lian

Novel Summary

Once she transmigrated over, Li Haitang, an elite female doctor from the big city, is demoted to a pitiful little cabbage whose parents have both died. She is surrounded by extreme jackals, wolves, tigers and panthers family and relatives. What? She is sold to a half-dead body that is going to be buried in the ground. Has she been sold to an old man with a heavy taste? The only way to escape from the arranged marriage is to pack a bundle wrapped in a cloth! Who would have thought that on the way to the wedding, she meets a wild man who is feared by everyone in the village? The wild man has three treasures, he is hardworking, spoils his wife and has good stamina! His pectoral muscles, abs and mermaid’s line are all there.


TitleFarming Happiness: Husband, Come and Plough the Fields
Raw Title农门喜事:夫君,来耕田
Addition DateJanuary 18, 2023
AuthorSi Ye Lian
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TagsAncient Times,Female Protagonist,Medical Knowledge,Time Travel,Transmigration