Mysterious World, I Have Special Understanding


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329 Chapters · 29 Readers
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When he woke up, Ji Que traveled to a dangerous world where fairy mountains collapsed and temples were abandoned. Fortunately, he has a supernatural ability, which allows him to save his understanding and use it like banknotes. The more understanding you accumulate, the more miraculous you can realize. Comprehend “swimming”, you can swim as fast as a fish in the water, and you can swim up and fly on the ground. After comprehending “The Analects of Confucius”, the knowledge will be integrated, and the muscle strength will increase exponentially. After comprehending “The Book of Benevolence”, I have learned one more combat technique of “dividing people into two”! After comprehending “Yi Xue”, I accidentally mastered a skill of “smashing the head into the body cavity”! Comprehend “Xiaoyaoyou”, “Mozi”, “Taoist Tibetan”… Afterwards, Ji Que started holding back his big move, wanting to see what effect it would have if his comprehension reached its limit. Until one day, he couldn’t bear it any longer, and he kept wishing for a certain stir-fried dish that he had always wanted, so he used all his understanding on “stir-frying and tossing spoons”. Later, there were rumors in the rivers and lakes that not long after a terrifying plague god came to the world, he was thrown to death by a passing cook…


  • Mysterious World, I Have Special Understanding
  • 神诡世界,我有特殊悟性
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