Sign In From the Handyman For Ninety-eight Years从杂役开始签到九十八年

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160 Chapters · 7 Readers
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Author:Tian Zhen 2016

Novel Summary

In the territory of Zhao State, there are Liuxuanmen of the martial arts sect of Jianghu. Su Yu became a handyman disciple who was just getting started. Having obtained the sign-in system, he signs in at different places every day, and there will be various rewards. Sign in at the center of the training ground and get the reward [Jiuyang Zhenjing]! Sign in on the cliff near the residence of the handyman disciple and get the reward [Millennium Snow Lotus]! Sign in in front of the sect library and get the reward [Lingbo Weibu]! … In this way, it was not until decades later that Su Yu discovered that he seemed to have surpassed the peak of martial arts and reached the level of cultivating immortals before he knew it… Ninety-eight years later, a martial arts devil who was born out of nowhere made waves in the territory of Zhao, and no one in the martial arts world was his opponent. Until this day, the martial arts devil killed Liuxuanmen and met Su Yu who was sitting outside the library, basking in the sun on a rocking chair…


TitleSign In From the Handyman For Ninety-eight Years
Raw Title从杂役开始签到九十八年
Addition DateSeptember 2, 2022
AuthorTian Zhen 2016
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