This Star is a Bit All-around这个明星有点全能

465 Chapters
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465 Chapters · 4 Readers
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Author:Ting Xue Ning Bing

Novel Summary

“Guokuo, Guoguo, ci… ciguo cake, fragrant…” “Brother, after Qiu’er finishes eating this delicious, golden pancake fruit, can you tell Qiu’er another story?” “Brother, Xia’er has signed up for the singing competition, will you teach Xia’er a song?” “Brother, can you dance folk dances? Chun’er wants to learn…” Zhuang Zhou dreamed of a butterfly, and the butterfly waved its wings gently, changing the wheel of life in suffering, and also changing the sky of Shengyu.


TitleThis Star is a Bit All-around
Raw Title这个明星有点全能
Addition DateJanuary 19, 2023
AuthorTing Xue Ning Bing
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All Time Rank#3027
TagsMale Protagonist,Protagonist Strong from the Start