A Surprise Pregnancy: Billionaire’s Secret Baby


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1982 Chapters · 9 Readers
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Author:Qian Nian Hua

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The father finished himself by jumping off the building, and the mother fell and became a vegetable. After that, Zhong Zhen was forced to raise a massive amount of medical expenses for surrogacy. She slept with a strange man, successfully making herself pregnant. Later she gave birth to a pair of babies. Yet she was in pain again without knowing the reason! It turned out that there was still a baby left! She was overjoyed and left the city behind along with that remaining baby. She only dared to return in three years. Most unexpectedly, the machine of fate was to run again…


TitleA Surprise Pregnancy: Billionaire’s Secret Baby
Raw Title一窝三宝,总裁喜当爹
Addition DateFebruary 7, 2023
AuthorQian Nian Hua
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TagsAbandoned Children,Arranged Marriage,Beautiful Female Lead,Childcare,Death,Enemies Become Lovers,Female Protagonist,Handsome Male Lead,Marriage of Convenience,Pregnancy,Twins,Wealthy Characters