Domineering Mr. CEO and His Impudent Love (Mr. President, Unbridled Love)总裁大人,放肆爱!

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3050 Chapters · 1 Readers
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Author:Lu Qing Yun

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This novel is also known as Mr. President, Unbridled Love“Become Mrs. Lu, I will give you all you want” “Baby, let me hug you” “Well … No, I’m going to be late …” His proposal is so overbearing, in order to retaliate to that scum, she promised to be his wife for one year. The first time she met him, she was eaten by him. The second time he met her, she got drugged and he was the only antidote. The third time they met, they rushed to get the marriage certificate. She returns to his home and became the envy of the city Mrs. Lu. Rumors say the ruthless and cold Chen Shao dotes on her to the extreme. Little did he know, the way he spoiled her, taking a damage on her. One day she could not stand the man strong tyrannical way of loving, Leaving a paper of divorce agreement, she climbs over the wall to escape…….. However unexpectedly, the moment she barely climbs over the wall, the man grabbed her ankle pulling her down. she fell in his bosom, with his hoarse voice he asked her: ” Woman, Where do you want to take my son?”


TitleDomineering Mr. CEO and His Impudent Love (Mr. President, Unbridled Love)
Raw Title总裁大人,放肆爱!
Addition DateSeptember 30, 2022
AuthorLu Qing Yun
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TagsBeautiful Female Lead,Wealthy Characters,Character Growth,Childcare,Doting Love Interests,Handsome Male Lead,Mature Protagonist,Misunderstandings,Possessive Characters,Slow Romance,Twins,Female Protagonist