I, Candidate For God of Destruction, Join the Chat Group我,破坏神候补,加入聊天群(全本)

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199 Chapters · 5 Readers
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Author:Bo Ke Ji Si

Novel Summary

Yebai came to the world of Dragon Ball with the infinite crit system and became an ordinary person. With the infinite crit system, Yebai has gradually become a candidate for the God of Destruction. At this moment, he received an invitation from Wanjie Chat **. Nami: “The boss has a lot of points, I am willing to kneel down and beg for support.” Tohsaka Rin: “Don’t fight me for the boss, the boss is mine.” Uncle Jiu: “Actually, I’m not a man, I can also be taken care of by the boss.” **The Lord: “I am not a full-time and all-powerful immortal, I am willing to accept the support of the God of Destruction.”


TitleI, Candidate For God of Destruction, Join the Chat Group
Raw Title我,破坏神候补,加入聊天群(全本)
Addition DateFebruary 8, 2023
AuthorBo Ke Ji Si
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