Douluo: Era of the Dragon Emperor斗罗之皇龙惊世

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1294 Chapters · 6 Readers
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Author:Feng Xing Yun Yi Xing

Novel Summary

When the Golden Dragon encountered the Killing Spear, when the ultimate power encountered the Weapon of Heaven, in the most noble Douluo Palace, Lu Yuan wore a crown on his head and solemnly declared: This world of Wuhun Palace is destined to dominate the mainland!


TitleDouluo: Era of the Dragon Emperor
Raw Title斗罗之皇龙惊世
Addition DateSeptember 11, 2022
AuthorFeng Xing Yun Yi Xing
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TagsAntihero Protagonist,Bloodlines,Clever Protagonist,Dragons,Early Romance,Eye Powers,Fanfiction,Game Ranking System,Handsome Male Lead,Harem-seeking Protagonist,Human-Nonhuman Relationship,Kingdom Building,Loyal Subordinates,Male Protagonist,Martial Spirits,Master-Disciple Relationship,Narcissistic Protagonist,Pregnancy,Skill Creation,Spear Wielder