Resurrection, Fortunately, I Can Wear the Heavens


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295 Chapters · 7 Readers
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Chen Yu, who had traveled to another world, felt that it was not a big problem after discovering that this was also a world of high-rise buildings and heavy traffic. but……… Looking at the pop-up window above the phone, “Daming Academy of Sciences…” I know that this is borrowing another five hundred years from the sky, and Chen Yu feels fine. But… look at the great white sun that shines in the night. Chen Yu felt something was wrong. But looking at the system that he can travel through the heavens, Chen Yu feels that the problem is still within the controllable range. should…… Then…… … A certain fairy world. “Chen Yu, our Taoist sect has discovered a world that is being promoted from a small thousand to a great thousand. You lead our Taoist disciples as pioneers to check it out.” Chen Yu, who has become a direct disciple of Dao Tianzong, “…” … The world of the gods. “Your Highness, the observers of the temple have discovered…” As one of the gods in this world, Chen Yu, “…” … wizarding world. “Your Majesty, we have discovered a world that is ascending latitude…” Chen Yu, who has achieved level seven in this world, “…” …


  • Resurrection, Fortunately, I Can Wear the Heavens
  • 灵气复苏,还好我能穿诸天
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