I Own a Garden with One Hundred Herbs


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550 Chapters · 13 Readers
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Author:Yan Shui Yi

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Baicao Poetry for College Students of Traditional Chinese Medicine in the New Century, Accidentally transmigrated into the little widow of the same name in the book, and is also bound to a not-so-serious “Herb Garden System”. When the little widow went to the mountain to dig grass, she rescued a beautiful young man who was dying, but was slandered by her elder sister-in-law to sink the pig cage into the pond. As an expedient measure, the young man married Baicaoshi. The Baicao Poetry, which is properly controlled by the face, can’t bear the beauty of the mouth to fly, and said boldly: “You are in charge of being as beautiful as a flower, and I am in charge of planting grass to support the family!” The system rewards psyllium seeds, commonly known as weeds, Baicaoshi raised ducks and opened the first Quanjufang Roast Duck Restaurant in Dayan Country by the way; The system rewards Zoysia seeds, commonly known as green grass, Baicaoshi adapted measures to local conditions and opened the first VIP golf course in Dayan Country, and the chuiwan movement has become popular all over the country since then; The system rewards Cordyceps sinensis seeds, with a gold prescription medical book, Baicaoshi opened a pharmacy, launched pharmacy meals, and launched cosmeceuticals, Established the Baicao Conservation Base, founded the Materia Medica Academy and trading center, and became famous as a miracle doctor. Ying Zhexu, a gifted genius since he was a child, was framed by a traitor and became a sick and weak boy living outside. “I originally came from the Asura Sea of ​​Hell, so what qualifications do I have to give you happiness?” However, with her favor, the young man, who has seen the warmth and coldness of the world, is finally unwilling to let go. All the herbs in the world are inferior to you, you are my only medicine stone. Up to the poor and down to the underworld, destined to be with you. Yan Shuiyi’s first ancient Chinese novel after transformation, A brand new story about Materia Medica under Heaven. PS: 1v1 Shuangjie, this article is superficial, please do not research it.


TitleI Own a Garden with One Hundred Herbs
Raw Title我有一座百草园
Addition DateFebruary 15, 2023
AuthorYan Shui Yi
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