Conan: I Am Not a Snake Spirit


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2902 Chapters · 4 Readers
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Author:Zuo Zhe:Yan Huo Jiu Song

Novel Summary

Traveling through the world of Detective Conan, Chi Feichi was sent to the hospital. Tuesday. Doctor: “What day is tomorrow?” Chi Feichi: “Wednesday.” Doctor: “Cough, tomorrow is Friday.” Chi Feichi: “…” August 21. Doctor: “What day will it be tomorrow?” Chi Feichi: “August 22nd.” Doctor: “Cough, tomorrow is January 1st.” Chi Feichi: “…” When everyone thinks that the chaotic time is correct, and one of them cannot correctly identify and integrate into it, then this person is an outlier, a patient! Once admitted to the hospital, it is as deep as the sea, and it is impossible to recover in this life. Chi Feichi took a deep breath: “Old! Son! No! Do it!”


TitleConan: I Am Not a Snake Spirit
Raw Title柯南之我不是蛇精病
Addition DateFebruary 26, 2023
AuthorZuo Zhe:Yan Huo Jiu Song
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TagsBeast Companions,Cautious Protagonist,Cold Protagonist,Eye Powers,Fanfiction,Male Protagonist,Secret Organizations,Seeing Things Other Humans Can't