The Rich Lady, She Tore Up the Script of White Moonlight


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563 Chapters · 11 Readers
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Yan Xi is the eldest young lady of the Yan family, the head of the four major families in Beiqiao City. Amazing talent, but frail and sickly, destined to die early, is the untouchable white moonlight in many people’s hearts. One day she had a dream that the world she was in was a novel. In the novel, in order to heal the pain of losing his wife and daughter, his father adopts a girl who looks very much like her, Chen Xiangxiang. The girl is as soft as a deer, but she is extraordinarily cured, which is even more pitiful than her. After letting the girl be her stand-in for a while and going through all kinds of abuse, everyone woke up one after another. Father, brother, fiancé and friends all spoiled the girl. But Yan Xi, the damned Bai Yueguang, was always going to die. In the end, he was disgusted and cast aside by everyone. After being designed to be disfigured by throwing sulfuric acid, he jumped off the building and died. After his death, he left a large inheritance, which was inherited by the girl. Yan Xi, who feels guilty for not being able to save her mother, and who is pessimistic about life and death: … She suddenly didn’t want to die! She tore up Bai Yueguang’s script and decided to stay away from this group of neurotics, do scientific research, play music, and invest well. In the process of abusing the scum, he took the initiative to protect a certain noble and cold-hearted beautiful boy, but the beautiful boy was actually a big guy with a lot of vests?


  • The Rich Lady, She Tore Up the Script of White Moonlight
  • 豪门大小姐她撕了白月光剧本
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