Come to The Peak


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2083 Chapters · 2 Readers
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Author:Shi Yue Liu Nian

Novel Summary

He had excellent martial arts qualifications, but his tendon and vein were destroyed by a power struggle, such a person couldn’t cultivate. This not only discouraged him and his parents but also made them accept ridicule and satire from others. However, this was not an insurmountable difficulty for the gifted man. After six years of painstaking study. He finally repaired his body and began his training journey. He did not care about the ridicule and sarcasm of those people, he just wanted to reach the peak, to be a top man that no one can match. But the difficulties and obstacles along the way, how can he overcome it?


TitleCome to The Peak
Raw Title问鼎巅峰
Addition DateMarch 2, 2023
AuthorShi Yue Liu Nian
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