NBA: Get the McGrady Template at the StartNBA之开局获取麦迪模板

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241 Chapters · 1 Readers
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Author:Xiong Mao Ming Ren

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Sports + time travel + system + blood Traveling back to 2018, Su Bei of the Dragon Kingdom became a player of the Lakers. He got the McGrady template at the beginning, the finals, the World Cup in 19 years, the Olympic Games will not be a pity, and the boss (Kobe)… At this moment, because of the arrival of Subei, the NBA’s small ball era has changed! ! ! James: “Sue, he is the best player.” Durant: “What is the best offense, Su is the best textbook!!!!” Adorable God Curry: “Su, is the ceiling of this era!!” (This is a parallel world, don’t over-introduce some characters and plots, there are some small changes, in short, it’s very cool and beautiful.)


TitleNBA: Get the McGrady Template at the Start
Raw TitleNBA之开局获取麦迪模板
Addition DateMarch 4, 2023
AuthorXiong Mao Ming Ren
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