The CEO Wants To Marry Me有个总裁非要娶我

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814 Chapters · 6 Readers
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Author:Nian Hua Fu Liu

Novel Summary

She always wanted to give him her precious self on the wedding night. Although she was shy but still looking forward to it, he wanted to go abroad for further study… Struggling for a long time, she finally decided to him her most precious sacred thing on his birthday. But when she took the key car sent by her girlfriend, after a night of adventure, she found that she didn’t even know the man beside her !!!


TitleThe CEO Wants To Marry Me
Raw Title有个总裁非要娶我
Addition DateMarch 4, 2023
AuthorNian Hua Fu Liu
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TagsCold Protagonist,Enemies Become Lovers,Female Protagonist,Office Romance,Popular Love Interests,Pregnancy,Wealthy Characters