Longevity Martial Arts: Starting from Tai Chi


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806 Chapters · 72 Readers
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Author:Yao Zhi Zui Xiao Shan

Novel Summary

Let you be magnificent, I will watch you turn into dry bones in the world of mortals, and light a stick of incense in front of your grave. --Yang Chan Yang Chan travels to the world of martial arts that is about to start in troubled times. His aptitude is mediocre, and he can only rely on the flower planter's Tai Chi health-preserving skills and adding some faceplates to continuously add points to improve his cultivation, improve his aptitude, and increase his lifespan. Small goal, live him for a thousand years first. During the long journey of life, Yang Chan saw the enemy set up the red building, saw the enemy entertain guests, saw the enemy building collapsed, and finally sent a stick of incense in front of the enemy's grave, and sent away one enemy after another, making him more determined to go to the other side of longevity Budo. "Tai Chi practitioners are born from the Infinity!" Tai Chi health-preserving skills: refresh the spirit and body, sit quietly and maintain health, spring and autumn without aging, carefree and long-lived. Longevity + Points + Proficiency Panel + Gou Dao Liu.


TitleLongevity Martial Arts: Starting from Tai Chi
Raw Title长生武道:从太极养生功开始
Addition DateMarch 9, 2023
AuthorYao Zhi Zui Xiao Shan
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TagsMale Protagonist,Transmigration