The Demon Emperor of Lingfei Qingtian Has Been Captured


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1290 Chapters · 13 Readers
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[Shuangqiang Shuangjie 1v1, cool text, scumbag, high sweetness] [Sultry heroine vs ice beauty hero] [Honghuangliu, first published by Xiaoxiang Academy] Rumor has it that Muqian, the lord of the Eastern Regions, has a strong cultivation base, and his appearance is unparalleled in the world. She died once and was reborn as a waste of the sect. This time her spiritual root was dug up, her dantian was broken, and the junior sister framed her. Everyone laughed. What’s worse? Look down on her? Said she was trash? Still want to draw her blood to account for her identity? Then open your eyes and see clearly how she once again killed the Eastern Region and abused her enemies in her previous life! Slap the seven sects and embark on the road of dominance! But on the way, a beauty came to the door. The beauty was cold and forced her into her arms with a dangerous expression: “Responsible.” . This is the story of a full-level boss who returned to the Novice Village to slaughter and accidentally abducted a man, and both husband and wife abused the dog. 【Jun Muqian】 Since I dragged him into this ten-zhang red dust, I will guard him forever without worries, the sky is blocked, I break, the gods block, I kill! The ends of the world, nine gai and eight old mans, yellow springs and blue waters, never lose sight of it! 【Rong Qing】 Admire only what I love, devote my life, protect her comprehensively, and do not hesitate to die. . The return of the king, the most respect for life, once the monarch is out, no one will fight for battle! Fantasy romance drama, welcome to the pit. ◆Five-star pit product, long staying power. ◆Recommended series ending article “Peerless Master of Soul Control”


  • The Demon Emperor of Lingfei Qingtian Has Been Captured
  • 灵妃倾天之妖帝已就擒
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