Lord of the Silver Crow


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1118 Chapters · 12 Readers
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Author:Nan Fei Ju Tou

Novel Summary

In the misty world, the elegant nobleman in a tuxedo looks at the machinery with huge gears. In the steam, the silver pocket watch on the chest rattled with the clockwork, attracting the attention of the crows. On the surface, the mysterious fantasy world has faded, gears roaring with steam, and the ancient and mysterious “sequences” appear real as the pages of the book are turned. With the running group system, Diago traveled to this mysterious world that combines steampunk and wizards.


TitleLord of the Silver Crow
Raw Title银鸦之主
Addition DateMarch 13, 2023
AuthorNan Fei Ju Tou
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TagsAlchemy,Calm Protagonist,Detectives,Evil Gods,Game Elements,Gods,Magic,Monsters,Multiple POV,Nobles,Religions,Slow Growth at Start,System,Transmigration,Wizards