Disaster Shelter灾厄收容所

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1281 Chapters · 4 Readers
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Author:Huan Meng Xi Ren

Novel Summary

Ordinary but not ordinary detective Wen Wen, after waking up from the mental hospital, found that his right hand was connected to a mysterious space called ‘Disaster Shelter’, and he could get the ability to be detained in this space! Catch vampires and gain tyrannical body; Capturing rotten demon can spray acid; Catch the capuchin, you can offline IQ … In short, in order to gain more and stronger abilities, Wen Wen began to try hard to catch monsters, so he stepped into the treacherous superpower world and saw the truth hidden under the curtain …


TitleDisaster Shelter
Raw Title灾厄收容所
Addition DateMarch 17, 2023
AuthorHuan Meng Xi Ren
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Monthly Rank#1442
All Time Rank#2880
TagsAbility Steal,Clever Protagonist,Cold Protagonist,Cruel Characters,Dark,Detectives,Male Protagonist,Mysterious Past,Prison,Psychopaths,Sudden Wealth,Transmigration,Vampires