Live: I’m the Demon King In the Abyss


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300 Chapters · 19 Readers
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“WOC, the anchor’s lunch is actually dragon meat!” “Gan! Why are there so many fallen angels under the anchor?” “Anchor, show me the captured moon goddess again, just one look, I will reward you with a billion~” . Traveling through other worlds, Lynn became a succubus with a face-to-face appearance. A live broadcast system was also obtained. The prestige in the live broadcast room can be used to draw prizes and rewards can be used to purchase items in the system mall. As a result, Lynn broadcasted his life as a demon every day. It’s okay to hit the site, torture and slaughter the warriors, grab the dragon’s head and roast it to eat, and turn one or two little angels from the heavens. The small days are comfortable and cozy. Netizen: Yaoshou! The anchor is about to become the devil! Not small, Lynn became the big devil who made the whole world tremble. Even the gods trembled before him.


  • Live: I’m the Demon King In the Abyss
  • 直播:我在深渊当魔王(全本)
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