Biochemical Madmen In the Marvel Universe


309 Chapters
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309 Chapters · 15 Readers
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Author:Shi Er Yue Jue

Novel Summary

T virus, black light virus, Zerg gene, alien gene… I am a businessman, so I love peace. Spiderman? I happen to have a lot of little bugs too. Team America? Come and wrestle with my tyrant. Thor? See how my Goliath is. Hulk? Come on, see if your infinite anger is more powerful, or if my black light infinite devouring is better! From the moment I appeared, I believed that the rules of the world would eventually be made by me. Noah’s three principles: 1. Don’t take the initiative to do things that are harmful to nature. 2. Do not use people other than the enemy itself as a bargaining chip. 3. For the sake of the family, all of the above can be given up. So, don’t mess with me! …


TitleBiochemical Madmen In the Marvel Universe
Raw Title漫威世界里的生化狂人
Addition DateMarch 18, 2023
AuthorShi Er Yue Jue
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All Time Rank#2088
TagsAliens,Army Building,Earth Invasion,Male Protagonist,Ruthless Protagonist,Schemes And Conspiracies,System,Marvel