Black Iron Crown


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758 Chapters · 20 Readers
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Among the royal capitals, the king on the Iron Throne held his scepter to declare his majesty. In the castle, the majestic lords maintained their rule with swords in their hands and knights and armies loyal to them. The emperor, known as the conqueror of the pagan, the sword of the Holy Father, and the golden lion of war, suddenly died suddenly. Powerful vassals coveted the throne. The neighboring countries all around looked eagerly. The church wanted to establish a heaven on earth in the duny world, and there were many nomads in the east. I also want to take a bite on the giant empire, and the continent that has been calm for twenty years has become turbulent again. Iron and blood, fire and sword, war horse and armor, beauties and heroes, wine and blood, talents emerge in a turbulent era of war, and heroes rise together in an era of turbulent times. This is a paradise for careerists and a hell for common people! The 1.76 million-character work “The Broken Gun under the Horseshoe” is definitely not supervised, and the character is guaranteed! Group number: 652355450


  • Black Iron Crown
  • 黑铁皇冠
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