The Secret Journey of Pirate World


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609 Chapters · 4 Readers
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Author:Shen Shi Dong

Novel Summary

Reading notes: 1. The protagonist Sieg (Siegfried) uses the path of a certain god in “Lord of the Mysteries” as the golden finger, and is combined with the Pirate System. The power of the path of the God has changed, which fits with the explanation of the local power system of One Piece , I haven’t read “Lord of Mysteries”, and it doesn’t affect reading this book. 2. It is assumed that before the protagonist crosses the journey, the comics of “One Piece” only see the story of Dresrosa (the author himself has pursued it). 3. The protagonist is a traverser, who can be regarded as wearing or as a peer crossing, and the body age decreases after crossing. 4. The start of the dragon slaves, but the slave life is only in the first chapter, shown in the form of a diary (required), in order to reduce the boring space. 5. Looking at the starting identity, you know that the protagonist is the opposite of the world government at the railway station, and in most of the pages, he acts as a “pirate” and does not like to enter. 6. In the early stage, I boarded the Sun Boat, and in the early and mid-term, I was on the Red Hair Boat. As a cadre, he followed the Red Hair to the top of the Four Emperors. Later, I will not disclose it. 7. Zieg’s character and beliefs are more complicated than the protagonists in my previous works (Gentleman Dong), and have a significant transformation process.


TitleThe Secret Journey of Pirate World
Raw Title海贼世界的诡秘之旅
Addition DateMarch 21, 2023
AuthorShen Shi Dong
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