Developing the Northwest: I built a city in the Gobi Desert


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398 Chapters · 21 Readers
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Author:Ba Yue Huang

Novel Summary

Because of too much work, he was forced to own the Gobi Desert in the Tengli Desert with a radius of hundreds of miles. The 68th line director Xu Hao originally planned to lie down completely, but who knew that after the first shelter was built at the request of netizens, things turned out of control tidy..... Netizen 1: Brother Hao, why don't you insert more willow sticks, if you can live, I'll give you ten rockets! Netizen 2: Brother Hao, as long as you build an all-wood courtyard, I will give you 1314! Netizen 3: Brother Hao, you can build a fan service center again, we can play for a few days even if we go there. Netizen 4: Brother Hao, let's go to the whole ancient building street, maybe it can be used in the next movie! Netizen 5: Brother can go to the whole zoo. ......... Netizen 100086:...... Brother Hao, do you accept settlement in this place? I think the whole family will move here...


TitleDeveloping the Northwest: I built a city in the Gobi Desert
Raw Title开发大西北:我在戈壁建了一座城
Addition DateMarch 24, 2023
AuthorBa Yue Huang
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TagsFarming,Male Protagonist