My abandoned oil town became a new frontier


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442 Chapters · 60 Readers
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What is it like to own an abandoned oil town in the West? At first, Xu Xing simply wanted to provide some convenience for travel enthusiasts and camping enthusiasts traveling by car to the northwest. However, it has been out of control since then... The stall has been upgraded to a convenience store with a unique style, the instant noodles cooked in an earthen pot have been transformed into a restaurant that provides hot and authentic beef noodles, and the shack has been transformed into a hotel that is unique in the country and can look up at the deep starry sky. The tire point has been upgraded to become a gas station and maintenance station.... after that, The town unknowingly became the size of a small county town...sixth tier, fifth tier, fourth tier, third tier...a few years later it became the only new first-tier city in the northwest Gobi Desert...


  • My abandoned oil town became a new frontier
  • 我的废弃石油小镇成了新一线
Addition DateDecember 22, 2023
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