Shadow of the Beautiful World


1593 Chapters
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1593 Chapters · 8 Readers
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Author:Zuo Zhe:Yi Lu Ji Lu

Novel Summary

Merlin awoke from the sound of fate, he saw this new world: Steel has not yet awakened, and the glory of God’s domain is flying. In the cold glacier, the righteous man of God watches alone. The orphan is still wandering, and the child has not returned home. On the turbulent ocean tide, the Queen of the Abyss is hard to tell. Thugs chase north and chase north, Tinder saves hope. Beyond the faint stars, the soul of the data is blankly examined. The king is still asleep, and the Titan myth is dead. In the unknown world, the darkness of the exotic land is quietly hidden. In the intertwined story, can he see the future clearly? The shadow of loyalty dies in flames. The rekindled flame lighted in the shadows. This is the game of the gods, the story of the night, the life of Merlin, and the legend of the shadow.


TitleShadow of the Beautiful World
Raw Title美漫世界阴影轨迹
Addition DateMarch 27, 2023
AuthorZuo Zhe:Yi Lu Ji Lu
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TagsEvil Gods,Game Elements,Marvel