Azeroth Trail of Light


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734 Chapters · 11 Readers
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In the 20th year of the Dark Portal calendar, everything grows and shadows grow. Dick came to this world in embarrassment, he knew how turbulent the fate of this world was. This year, the rise of the tribe has begun, and the glory of the alliance is still flying. This year, the prince of Lordaeron set out to find Frostmourne. For whom did Theramore miss the song? This year, thousands of years of waiting are still sad, and the shadow of the devil is already over the world. This year, the Ashbringer first showed its edge, but the beautiful Windrunner was already killed in battle. This year, the misty land is still hidden in history, but the deflection of the wheel of the world has been unstoppable. If possible, Holy Light, please grant me the power to change everything…


  • Azeroth Trail of Light
  • 艾泽拉斯圣光轨迹
Addition DateApril 4, 2023
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