I Just Want To Be Quiet我只想安静的做个苟道中人

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1972 Chapters · 19 Readers
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Author:Bao Zha Xiao Na Tie

Novel Summary

“Ding Dong!” “Welcome to use the fully intelligent comprehension system!” “You choose to practice the bone-forging pill, the system starts to practice for you, the system detects the lack of the cultivation pill, the bone-hardening pill, please wait…” “Ding Dong!” “The system successfully stole ten bone quenching pills for you, and the practice continues…” “Important reminder, during system training, you will lose control of your body…” After getting the intelligent cultivation system, Pei Ling grew silently and quickly, ready to stay until she became an immortal, until a certain day… “Ding Dong!” “You choose to practice an unknown technique. The system has identified it as a dual cultivation technique. The system has begun to practice for you. The system has detected the lack of a Taoist companion, and the system is looking for a Taoist companion for you…” So, Pei Ling watched as she ran to the fairy’s training room next door, stunned the other party with drugs and carried them into her room…


TitleI Just Want To Be Quiet
Raw Title我只想安静的做个苟道中人
Addition DateMarch 30, 2023
AuthorBao Zha Xiao Na Tie
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TagsAbusive Characters,Adultery,Cultivation,Dao Companion,Demonic Cultivation Technique,Fast Cultivation,Male Protagonist,Misunderstandings,Sexual Cultivation Technique,System,Weak to Strong