As a Ninja, I Just Want To Eat Soft Rice In Xingyue


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333 Chapters · 4 Readers
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Author:Wu Yun

Novel Summary

It was the first time to travel to the world of Naruto and become an orphan in the ninja world. He has no blood and no plug-ins. Higashino plays a role in becoming a Konoha Kaminari through his own efforts, but in the end the battle with Uchiha Madara ends bleakly. After crossing into the world of Xingyue for the second time, Higashino realized a truth based on the experience of the previous life-hard work can’t be better than daddy fighting, and daddy fighting can’t be better than open hanging. In the crisis-ridden world of the moon, Higashino decided not to work hard, and lived a comfortable life of eating soft meals next to the rich woman (the heroine), but at this time his plug-in was turned on! “Ding——After twenty years, the strongest Naruto training system is on!”


TitleAs a Ninja, I Just Want To Eat Soft Rice In Xingyue
Raw Title身为忍者的我只想在型月吃软饭(1-491)
Addition DateMarch 31, 2023
AuthorWu Yun
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TagsMale Protagonist,Ninjas,Protagonist Strong from the Start,System,Naruto