Become a God and Join the Chat Group


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419 Chapters · 42 Readers
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“The saint of Wuhun Hall sacrifices to you the 100,000-year soul beast Blue Silver Emperor, and the sacrifice is increased by two billion times, and you get the Innate Spirit Root Blue Silver Emperor.” “Sect Master Yun Lan offers you a sacrifice to Queen Medusa, and the sacrifice is increased by two billion times, and you get the nine-color swallowing python of the divine beast.” “After Yin, sacrifice He Chobi to you, the sacrifice will be increased by one billion times, and you will get the seal of the most humane treasure Kongtong.” “The Devil Queen sacrifices Angel Yan to you…” “Emperor Ye Tian sacrifices to you ruthless people…” … Hongmeng traveled across the eternal continent and became a god who had an infinite amplifying talent but was seriously injured and dying to be chased by the gods. When desperate, get a chat group from the heavens and join the group chat. Saintess of Wuhun Temple: Welcome newcomers. Head of Huashan: Newcomers are here again, gratifying and congratulating. The world will overlord: newcomers, report their names and origins. Facing the noisy chat group, Hong Meng played: I am the Hongmeng, preaching to the heavens, chanting the name of my god, there is no name on the monument of reincarnation, worshiping my divine way, immortality and enjoying the way!


  • Become a God and Join the Chat Group
  • 开局成神加入聊天群
Addition DateSeptember 23, 2022
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