Global Cards: I Create the Oriental Mythology Card Group


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304 Chapters · 10 Readers
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Standing in front of you is—— Mythological card maker, [Tiangong] club president, [Yin Yin] project initiator, fairy god belief stream creator, folk series patriarch... ... Ji Nian traveled through the card world and became a fledgling trainee card maker. He also accidentally discovered that the knowledge of mythology in this world has long since disappeared. At the beginning of the game, he encountered Yin soldiers crossing the border. In order to protect himself, he created [Bai Wuchang] without hesitation. Since then, he has embarked on a path of building a Chinese mythological deck and reducing the dimensionality of other worlds: [Flying Zombie on Red Ground], [Strange Red Mansion], [Yan Luowang] present Chinese-style horror to the world! [Youth Aloes], [Sloppy Old Way], [Ksitigarbha King] attract immortals and buddhas for thousands of miles! [Luo Bao Copper Coin], [Seven Arrows with Nail Heads], [Red Sky Sword] The magical powers of the magical treasures amaze the world. [Nuo God Scene], [Golden Silkworm Gu Jiang], [Huang Jiaxian] Weird taboos mess up the world. A few years later, when the black dragon with the power of destroying the world came to the East China Sea, a child wearing a gold bracelet and wearing red silk came out of a barbecue restaurant on the street. "It doesn't matter, I will make a move." He said so.


  • Global Cards: I Create the Oriental Mythology Card Group
  • 全球卡牌:我创造东方神话卡组
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