Fantasy Family Simulator


444 Chapters
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444 Chapters · 29 Readers
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Author:Pan Shen Zhe Xing Kong

Novel Summary

Traveling to the fantasy world, when Leiter was in his forties, he finally became a little nobleman – the lord of Young Eagle Town. Only then did he discover that he also had golden fingers. Looking at the two options of [Text Simulation] and [Real Simulation], Leiter hesitated to choose [Real Simulation]. [Do you want to enable real simulation? Every simulated day consumes 5 destiny points. 】 “yes”  … [The real simulation is over, please choose an attribute you want to keep. 】 【1. Constitution】 【2. Dou Qi】 【3. Mental power】 Fantasy simulation, lord farming, family growth, more exciting, please watch! ps: It is definitely not a studio article, so rest assured to read. Focusing on territory and family, perhaps, this book can bring warmth and harmony


TitleFantasy Family Simulator
Raw Title奇幻家族模拟器
Addition DateApril 3, 2023
AuthorPan Shen Zhe Xing Kong
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TagsMale Protagonist