It Would Be Great If I Could Be a Copywriter


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591 Chapters · 14 Readers
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(This book does not copy the main line of the traditional text, but the daily text of the text, the League of Legends, and the drawing of comics.) Su Chen travels to the parallel world, and his younger sister is also the genius girl anchor of LOL. Originally, I only wanted to live a quiet life in a dead house, but Su Chen discovered that the ACG industry and online writing in this world are really too backward. “Since there is no novel to read, then write it for yourself!” “This world ACG will be saved by me!” So, taking advantage of the memories before crossing, Su Chen happily opened the way of copying the public. A comic shocked the entire ACG world? Is a novel established in the online literature world? Unknown cute girl anchor reaches the top of LOL Canyon? Occasionally publish a novel or comics, and it’s okay to broadcast LOL with my sister. This is probably his daily life…


  • It Would Be Great If I Could Be a Copywriter
  • 如果能当文抄大佬就好了
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