God is Coming


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1416 Chapters · 11 Readers
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Author:Yan Yu Jiang Nan

Novel Summary

Chu Jungui was originally a mysterious experimental body cultivated by the Tang Dynasty with the prohibition of law, trying to create a deep space warrior who could conquer any corner of the Xinghai. However, in an accident, he broke away from the experimental base, broke restrictions, and gained independent personality. Since then, in this great era of interstellar development, he has fought in all directions, stepped on the galaxy, and finally opened a new era for mankind.


TitleGod is Coming
Raw Title天阿降临
Addition DateApril 10, 2023
AuthorYan Yu Jiang Nan
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TagsArmy Building,Beautiful Female Lead,Comedic Undertone,Cosmic Wars,Futuristic Setting,Genetic Modifications,Handsome Male Lead,Human Experimentation,Human Weapon,Male Protagonist,Military,Outer Space,Pragmatic Protagonist,Romantic Subplot,Strong to Stronger,Wars