Begin the Holy Grail War with the Sombra Legion


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370 Chapters · 6 Readers
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“Fuyuki City is also changing with each passing day.” Traveling back to Japan in the 1990s, the moment he found out that this was Fuyuki City from the chats of passersby, Roland realized that he had a big deal. But what the hell is going on with these annoying guys! ——A shadow general: “Join the ultimate darkness and let the truth embrace you!” ——Boss of a crumb: “My half body, the more you advance, the more you should understand that human beings have limits…” ——A masked man: “There is no love and peace in the world! You have to create a perfect world!” “Damn, don’t come here! I really don’t want to be the villain!” This is the story of a pure-hearted boy who finally embarks on the road of the villain and keeps moving forward. (Comprehensive manga upgrade stream) current progress -fate zero


  • Begin the Holy Grail War with the Sombra Legion
  • 从黑影兵团开始圣杯战争
Addition DateApril 16, 2023
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TagsDepictions of Cruelty,Evil Protagonist,Game Elements,Love Interest Falls in Love First,Magic,Male Protagonist,Sword And Magic,Transmigration,Villainess Noble Girls