Pokemon: My game can be withdrawn


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109 Chapters · 21 Readers
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Fang Wu travels through the parallel world where elves and humans coexist peacefully, and awakens to reproduce the realistic interface of the game copy. Since then— Others need to try their luck to choose elf eggs, but Fang Wu can hatch them one by one in the game in advance and choose them. [The 777th hatch, get 6v Guisi (white flash)] For the secret realm that needs to be explored with life, Fang Wu used the game copy to explore in advance to obtain the detailed distribution of treasures and elves in the secret realm. [Explore the secret realm and discover the top natural secret treasure "Life Stone"] In the heavily guarded secret experimental base, the game characters also feel as if they have entered the land of no one. [Sneak into the secret base of the Truth Society, please pay attention, encounter top-level god-level life forms, confirm the basic information-dream gene integration] 【Game Upgrade Version 2.0】 [Hint, found semi-finished artificial legend embryo...] Keywords: Pokémon, Pokémon, Pokémon, Pokemon


  • Pokemon: My game can be withdrawn
  • 精灵:我的游戏能提现
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