Rebirth Begins with a Manga Adaptation


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April is Your Lie, Nana, Eternal Wings, Unknown Flower Name, Angel's Heartbeat..... He is the big devil who has earned the tears of thousands of fans. Fraud game, Steins;Gate, another...... He is a master of novelty-hunting and brain-burning dramas. Long Ying, gto spicy teacher, Hansawa Naoki...... He occasionally produces some inspirational dramas to recharge the fans...... Rurouni Kenshin, love letter, Hayao Miyazaki gift bag... Occasionally, he would write a movie script and create a craze...... Jing Yu, who was reborn in the new world, originally thought that he could start his life like the protagonist of the novel... But he doesn't watch variety shows, he doesn't chase stars, and he finds that he doesn't know anything about other entertainment works except for watching manga and dramas. Most of the known works are original animation works, although the animation industry in this world is not very developed... However, as a screenwriter, it should be possible to directly transform these works into TV dramas in one step! .........


  • Rebirth Begins with a Manga Adaptation
  • 重生从漫改编剧开始
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