Proficiency Panel Right At The Beginning


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876 Chapters · 71 Readers
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The oldest myth between heaven and earth reappears in the world, countless spaces begin to slowly interweave, and the dark side of the world quietly emerges. Advocate the friars who are weak in flesh and blood and eternal in spirit. Showing a tyrannical body, there is my invincible martial artist. Looking at the changes in the world, Lu Ren exhaled in a panic. “Ding, because of your uninterrupted breathing for 26 years, you suddenly realized something, and successfully realized the breathing technique.” Hearing the prompt sound in his mind, Lu Ren waved his sword hesitantly. “Ding, because you were blindly poking a few times with your sword, you suddenly realized something and successfully learned basic swordsmanship.” After a long time, he looked at the army invading from another world, raised his long sword and slashed it out. In an instant, the endless air waves rolled back, and the mountains and rivers where they passed collapsed, and the rivers fell. Then the army was annihilated and bombarded towards the different world. The entire other world was completely shattered by the explosion of infinite fire, and slowly disappeared into the air.


  • Proficiency Panel Right At The Beginning
  • 开局爆出熟练度面板
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