Urban Demon Slayer都市斩妖人

1346 Chapters
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1346 Chapters · 3 Readers
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Author:Fu Qin De Ren

Novel Summary

Have you ever heard the story of the monster? Have you ever thought that monsters have always existed, and they are lurking around you? Have you ever thought that the reason why you are still safe is because the profession of “Monster Slayer” has existed for thousands of years? Wang Qianchen turned into a monster when he woke up, and was ruthlessly hunted down by the monster slayers, and since then he has also entered a strange world!


TitleUrban Demon Slayer
Raw Title都市斩妖人
AuthorFu Qin De Ren
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Monthly Rank#280
All Time Rank#238
TagsDemons,Weak to Strong,Male Protagonist