I Have Countless Ability Cards


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583 Chapters · 21 Readers
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Author:Zui Ai Lie Yang Tian

Novel Summary

Parallel world, abilities awakened. Gu Fan got a special card maker. Absorb other people’s abilities, and combine them with all kinds of daily visible items to create a variety of strange abilities cards. Ice cream + ability “strength enhancement” = attribute card: strength. Ability “Frost Eruption” + Ability “Fire Blast” = Skill Card: Ice and Fire Dual Sky Trunk with thick bowl mouth + ability “Quick Freeze” + ability “Armed Arms” = Weapon Card: Frost Gatling. Finally, one day, Gu Fan had countless ability cards.


TitleI Have Countless Ability Cards
Raw Title我有无数异能卡
Addition DateMay 8, 2023
AuthorZui Ai Lie Yang Tian
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TagsAbility Steal,Adapted to Manga,Adopted Children,Alternate World,Apocalypse,Beastkin,Card Games,Clever Protagonist,Hiding True Abilities,Male Protagonist,Racism,System,Weak to Strong